Our company is committed to offering the highest quality natural products sourced from local farmers working closely and exclusively with us. From pure and natural essential oils to whole spices (organic and conventional), we pride ourselves in our uncompromised and trustworthy expertise.


The company was founded in the year 2003 by Mr. W N Ranjith – the entrepreneur, who started New Royal Electrical in 2003 to provide skilled manpower to high voltage substation contractors. The business was diversified into entering the Spices/ Herbs/ Essential oil industry in the year 2019 with its registered office and factory premises at Wattala, Sri Lanka.

The success of Royal can be attributed to the its excellent quality products, strong resources, marketing network, continuous market analysis, survey of customer needs, standardization & up-gradation of products beyond the required standards.

The company has reached new milestones by supplying its products to multiple locations worldwide. Apart from purest ground spices / Herbs/ Essential Oils for decades, we also produce specially formulated spice blends and assortment blends which includes grounded, and whole spices/Herbs/Essential Oil.

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Royal Bio Extraction Private Limited aims to offer superior quality products to raise the food health awareness and develop globally. The company aims to be the most trusted, authentic, premium Sri Lankan product that stands for delivering the taste diversity of Sri Lanka, in all its authenticity and freshness to the customers. Each product will be created around natural produces and shall be accurate to ensure that the taste, best represents the origins.



• Growing and selling quality, fresh seasoning products that simplify and enhance consumer’s cooking experience..
• Growing highest-quality products in the Spices, Herbs and Essential Oil market in and around Europe.
• Aim to drive the fresh seasoning category and introduce innovative products and packaging solutions.

The Royal Bio Timeline


Founded New Royal

Commenced business operations in Wattala.


Establishment of New Royal Electrical

New Royal Electricals (Pvt) Ltd commenced its operation to cater the booming renewable energy sector and as the trading arm for NRE Group. the NRE Group consists of New Royal Electrical and New Royal Electricals (Pvt) Ltd.


Establishment of Roya Bio

The business ventured into the Spices/ Herbs/ Essential oil sector in the year 2019 with its registered office and factory at Wattala, Sri Lanka.




Customer Satisfaction and Innovation is at the heart of our Quality Policy. A team of food specialists, product technicians and research scientists at the New Product Development division are constantly working on product and process refinement. Their aim is to deliver the taste of the season and to develop bespoke blends and seasonings to suit the diverse palate of discerning consumers. So, get in touch with us to know what our teams are up to.