Sustainability combined with cost-effectiveness and productivity

Our core expertise is what we need to be at our very best to make our business work and to produce profit – both today and in the long term. As a producer of dried products and essential oil, we need to excel at running our business with a focus on efficiency and sustainability at every stage – whether that’s cultivation, purchasing, distribution or technical development. This is what enables us to create a competitive offer for our customers and consumers. We are driven by the desire to make continuous improvements in order to achieve efficiency in a sustainable way. Our future depends on how well we succeed in building long-term customer relationships and providing quality experiences each time consumers use our products.

Reducing our impact on the environment is essential to being a responsible business. We have an important role to play in fostering sustainable development and are always looking for new opportunities to innovate.

Responsible Sourcing

Through our Direct Farmer’s sourcing Program, we have developed partnerships with farmer cooperatives and have been able to assess and streamline the supply chain process thereby allowing us to source directly from our farmers, increase efficiency and boost the local economy.

The Direct farmers sourcing Programme focuses on building long term relationships with our farmers, training them on good agriculture practices benchmarked to the Union ethical Bio Trade standards and Sustainable Agricultural Initiatives


Customer Satisfaction and Innovation is at the heart of our Quality Policy. A team of food specialists, product technicians and research scientists at the New Product Development division are constantly working on product and process refinement. Their aim is to deliver the taste of the season and to develop bespoke blends and seasonings to suit the diverse palate of discerning consumers. So, get in touch with us to know what our teams are up to.