Nutmeg is an Evergreen tree, which grows to a height of 60 feet. The tree yields Two Spices – the Dark Colored Nutmeg and the Bright Red Mace that covers it. The principal Import Markets of Nutmeg are the European Community, United States, Japan, and India. Singapore and the Netherlands are major Re-Exporters of Nutmeg Ceylon nutmeg, which contains an acute flavor of hazelnut, is widely used to sweeten dishes. This conventional spice is considered to be sweet whereas the mace is strong and tarty

Ceylon nutmeg is a wonderful ingredient to include in Shepherd’s pies, cheese dishes and root vegetable purees. It is also used as a spice in seasoning of desserts, cakes, custards, and cookies which enhance the flavor of the food dishes.

We export whole nutmegs as well as broken nutmegs, nutmeg powder and nutmegs with shell chips.


our whole nutmeg from Sri Lanka has been fully undressed. Freshly grated nutmeg spice can be a perfect addition into spice cakes, cream sauces, desserts, baked goods, savory dishes or many wonderful treats.

Our nutmeg from Sri Lanka is not only as beautiful as the evergreen tree it comes from, but it is also really something special in terms of fragrance and flavor. It’s slightly sweet, warm and mildly spicy, embracing a comforting flavor that lingers on the tongue.


The sweet earthy piney flavor of nutmeg makes it an essential spice in seasoning. Nutmeg powder is used to spice popular Indian food and other spicy food around the world.

We produce fine ground nutmeg powder with or without shells according to customer requirements to be used in a variety of cuisines around the world.

Nutmeg is rich of many medicinal values. It acts as a healer, relieving pain, improving appetite, soothing indigestion and nausea, reducing flatulence and improving cognitive functions of the human body. Research has proven that nutmeg reduces bad cholesterol, kills leukemia cells, increases libido and kills rotaviruses.

The Ceylon nutmeg contain a high level of essential oil, and has an intense aroma.